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iPhone WiFi Hacking Apps

If you are looking for how to hack WiFi passwords with your iPhone or with any other iDevice then you have come to the right place.  Here you will find WiFi hacker apps which work on all iPhone models, iPod touch, iPad and the new Apple Watch.

We download, test and review the best iPhone WiFi password hacking apps so you only have to install them and start hacking WiFi!

Some of the Apps listed on this site are available from the Apps store but many can only be downloaded from Cydia and will only work on a Jailbroken iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

Learn How To Jailbreak Your iDevice Here!

However if you want to know how to hack WiFi passwords on an iPhone or any other iDevice without Jailbreak then you will find lots of apps on this site that can be used on an iPhone without having to Jailbreak it.

You will also find WiFi packet sniffer apps which can strip SSL encryption to hack usernames and passwords sent over WiFi networks.

The Apps listed on this site are designed to test the security of YOUR WiFi NETWORK and should not be used to hack WiFi passwords on other people’s networks.  This site does not encourage, endorse or condone any illegal activity.

How these Apps work

You may be looking for WiFi hacking software and think that you cannot hack WiFi passwords with an iPhone but the Apps on this site can find the password to WEP and WPA protected WiFi networks in seconds!  Usually hacking a WiFi router will require special programs like Aircrack run on a Linux operating system and a WiFi card in monitor mode, all of which are not possible on the iPhone, even if you have all of these it is not guaranteed you will be able to crack the WiFi password if it is strong.

The iPhone WiFi hacking Apps listed on this site exploit a flaw in the security of hundreds of WiFi routers brands worldwide.  Many WiFi router manufacturers are lazy and they use an algorithm to create the the WiFi password from the MAC address of the router, this means if the default WiFi password has not been changed it can easily be calculated from either the MAC address or SSID of the WiFi router.  These algorithms are publicly known and built in to the Apps listed on this site.  This means you just need to open the App and scan for all nearby WiFi networks, the App will identify which networks can be cracked and give you the password instantly!


# 1 IWep Pro – WiFi Hacker App for iphone, ipad and ipod Touch

wifi hacker appiWep Pro – WiFi Hacker App

iWep Pro is a well designed and easy to use WiFi hacker app, the layout is clear and responsive.

To use the app you simply scan for all WiFi networks in range and it will show you which ones can be cracked.  The App will test all the possible passwords until it finds the correct one which works! The layout and design of the App is really smooth, professional and easy to use.


See iWep Pro hacking a WiFi network below!

This App will work on all idevices including iphone, ipad and ipod touch and will work on Wifi routers worldwide so wherever you live with this App you will be able to find the password to hundreds of locked WiFi routers and networks.

iwep pro

#2 iSpeedTouched – App To Hack WiFi Passwords

app to hack WiFi passwordsiSpeedtouched App To Hack WiFi Passwords

iSpeedTouched is an amazing app to hack WiFi passwords on an iphone, ipod touch or ipad as it will work on millions of WiFi routers worldwide.

You have probably been searching for an app to hack WiFi passwords for ages and only found apps that don’t work, are joke or prank apps or have so many adverts you can’t even use the app or worse still, installs loads of viruses and malware on your phone and you have spent the rest of the day trying to remove them.  We know what that is like and that is why we have created this website, to save you time and effort looking for an app which actually does what it says it does, hack WiFi passwords.

It is pretty likely that you have found some website that offers some kind of WiFi hacker software, you download and install it, ignoring all the warnings, and when you open the software it doesn’t work or it just installs some toolbar on your computer or you start getting loads of pop ups or your web browser keeps opening up loads of adult related pages!

The truth is there is no single piece of software that hack WiFi passwords with just a few clicks, it just doesn’t exist and it is not that easy, you need to learn the special commands and use a Linux operating system, you can’t hack WiFi with Windows.

This app, like all the others on the site is an iphone app which can get the default WiFi password to thousand of WiFi routers all over the world.  It does not exactly an app to hack WiFi passwords but it is the closest you will get to a WiFi password hacking app.

Like many of the apps on this site you can only get it from Cydia on an idevice which has been jailbroken, of course Apple would not allow this kind of WiFi hacking app to be available in the Apps Store!

Once you have found the app in Cydia and download it, open the app and then look for the ‘tables’ button in the top right hand corner of the app, this will download the ‘rainbow’ tables.  The ‘rainbow’ tables contain all the default WiFi passwords to Thompson routers which you will need to crack the WiFi password, these tables add up to about 100MB so you should download them on a free WiFi network unless you have an unlimited data plan.

Now those steps are completed all you have to do is to hit the scan button and the app will search for and show you which networks can be hacked.  It is very common for many Internet Service Providers to just rebrand Thompson routers with their company name and logo so there should always be a router within close range that this app can hack the WiFi password.

Once you hit the scan button it will show you which networks can be hacked, just tap on one of those networks and it will show you the possible passwords,then just tap on a password to test it.

This app is not available from the Apps Store but you can get it by clicking the button below!

wifi hacker iphone app


#3 WPA Tester by Paolo Arduin – WiFi Password iphone Hack App

wifi password iphone hack appWPA Tester WiFi Password iphone Hack App

WPA Tester by Paolo Arduin is surprisingly available to download from the Apps Store!!  So you can get this really power WiFi password iphone hack App conveniently from the App Store right now!  Just in case it gets removed by Apple in the future it is also available from installous and as you are aware that means it will be totally free!

The really is one of the best Apps to Hack WiFi with an iphone or any other Apple device.

The App contains the default WiFi passwords to loads of router manufactures so it should be able to hack the WiFi password of a router almost anywhere in the world! It can find the password to a huge number Ono and many, many more.

To use the App you first need to select the router brand by hitting the ‘Scegil il router’ button, then select the brand of the router you want to hack, then enter the last digits from the SSID (network name) in to the App and then hit the ‘Test’ button. You will then be shown the WiFi password which you can copy and paste into the password field in WiFi networks on your idevice and you will have free Internet!

This App will also help you find the password to networks out of the range of your iphone if you have a powerful WiFi card and antenna on your laptop or computer.

As you can download it from the Apps store it will work on unjailbroken iphones, ipads and ipod touches too. Requirements: IOS 4.0 or later.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. iOS

App Store – £1.49

Click the Button Below for the Free Cracked Version

wifi iphone app

#4 Speedssid – WiFi Password Finder App for iphone

WiFi Password Finder App for iphoneSpeedSSID WiFi Password Finder App for iphone

Speedssid is another amazing WiFi password finder App for iphone, ipad and the ipod touch.  This easy to use and powerful WiFi Password finder app which has been created by the makers of iwep pro.  This app which is slightly differently to some of the other WiFi cracker apps listed on this site as you will need to type in the network name, also called an SSID.

To use this WiFi password finder app on your idevice you will first need to install it, you can grab it from Cydia which means you will need a jailbroken device.  Once you have it installed you will need to make a note of the WiFi signals in range and the numbers and letters which follow the SSID prefix (network name), in the picture the example is ‘DMAX1234AB’ so you would need to make a note of just ‘1234AB’ and enter this into the app then then press the ‘Generate Key’ button.  The app will then give you the routers WiFi key which you can use to connect to the router and enjoy the free WiFi!

This WiFi Password Finder App is still really easy to use and all you need to do is enter the last few digits from the SSID (network name) and hit the ‘Generate Key’ button to be given the WiFi password. As with some of the other Apps which work in the same way it can be very useful as you can use it on networks out of range of the idevice the app is installed on or if you have a powerful WiFi adapter and/or WiFi antenna.

This app contains the WiFi password for lots of brands of WiFi routers and ISPs (Internet Service Providers) will often use the same brands of routers and just add their logo or brand name to the router so you will find this app can hack the WiFi password to hundreds of routers over the globe!

wifi hack iphone app

#5 dlssid

how to hack wifi password using iphone cydiaLearn How to hack WiFi Password Using iphone Cydia App dlssid

dlssid is an iphone hacker app for Dlink routers which are found in almost every country in the world. Thousands of ISPs worldwide just rebrand Dlink routers with their compnay logo/name so there is a very good chance that you will be able to find a router nearby that you can hack even if it is not displaying dlink in the network name.  This one again is made by the creator of iwep pro and works just as well. Instead of the network name you will need to enter the MAC address of the router which looks like 08:A7:9B:78:22:C9.  The MAC address is a bit like a serial number which every router has and will help the App find the WiFi password.

To find the MAC address of the router you will need another free app like WiFiFoFum which will show you all the WiFi network information including the MAC address which you need to use this App.

The MAC address of a WiFi router is highlighted in red in the screenshot below.

how to hack wifi password using iphone cydia


wifi hacker iphone app

#6 dessid: WiFi Decryptor – Eircom WiFi Hack App

Eircom WiFi Hack AppEircom WiFi Hack App

deSSID is a Eircom WiFi hack app that can find the password to WiFi routers supplied by the Irish telecoms company Eircom.  This app will help you find the default WEP/WPA key to ‘Eircom’ routers which are found in Ireland. Like many of the other apps listed on this site you will need to enter the numbers in the SSID (network name) after the prefix ‘Eircom’.

To use the app you will first need to download and install it from either the Apple Store or Cydia if your iDevice is jailbroken.  After you have downloaded and installed it just tap the icon to open the app and you will be presented with the screen in the picture.  With this app you will need to enter the SSID manually, so you need to look for the numbers after the prefix ‘Eircom’.

So as an example if you were trying to find the password to a WiFi router with the name ‘eircom6583648’ you would just need to enter ‘6583648’ in to the app and hit the ‘Generate Key’ button and it will give you the password.

One of the benefits of the way in which this app works is that you can hack the password to WiFi routers out of the range of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.  Smartphones have a very poor WiFi range and cannot detect weak WiFi signals.  If you have a laptop or PC with a decent stock antenna or high power add on antenna then you can pick up WiFi router signals from hundreds of meters away, grab the SSID (network name) and just type in the digits after the prefix ‘eircom’ into the app and get the WiFi password.

This Eircom WiFi hack app works like many of the other WiFi password finding apps in the respect that it will only be able to find the default password as long as it has not been changed.  And the App can only find the password to Eircom WiFi routers that are found in Ireland.

This Irish iPhone WiFi hacker App is not available from the Apps Store, you can download it by clicking the button below!

eircom wifi hacker app



#7 WLAN Audit – WiFi Hacker App Cydia

wifi hacker app cydiaWLAN Audit – WiFi Hacker App Cydia

WLAN is similar to many of the other app listed on this site and it will crack the WPA an WPA2 password of routers which have not had their default WiFi password changed.

WLAN Audit is an easy to use WiFi hacker App found in Cydia that will show you the wireless passkey to WIFI and YACOM routers which are found in Spain.

To use the App the will first need to download it from Cydia on a Jailbroken iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.  Once you have installed it just open the app, hit the scan button and it will highlight the WiFi networks which can be cracked, just tap on the network you and then tap the ‘Copiar Clave’ (Copy Key) button an it will copy the password which you can then paste into the respective network in WiFi connections on your idevice.

It really is that simple and you can use this App to make sure your WiFi connection is secure an cannot be hacked by anyone else.  If it can crack the WiFi password to your router then you should change the default password to make sure no WiFi hackers can use your network.

WLAN Audit is not available from the Apple Apps Store but you can get it by hitting the download button below.

ipod apps hack wifi