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This site is dedicated to bringing you the best iphone apps to hack WiFi passwords. We test and review the best iphone WiFi hacking apps so you can just download, install and hack WiFi! Some of the apps are available from the Apps Store but most of the apps listed on this site are only available from Cydia and only work on a jailbroken iphone or ipod touch. In addition to WiFi password hacking Apps there are also packet sniffer and WiFi network analyzer apps included on this site.

These Apps are designed to test the security of YOUR WiFi NETWORK and not to try and hack WiFi passwords on networks which you do not own. This site does not encourage, endorse or condone any illegal activity.

Got an Android device and still want to Hack WiFi?


Extra Technical Information

This first part is intended for people with WiFi security knowledge and may contain information you do not understand. But it does not matter and you can skip it and scroll down to the good stuff! There are many people who will doubt the capabilities of these apps and I have seen many dismissive forum posts about them but they do work selected routers. Usually ‘hacking’ or ‘cracking’ a WiFi network is done by putting the wireless card of the device in to ‘monitor’ mode and injecting packets, both actions which cannot be done with Apple OS. The apps on this site find the default WiFi Key if it has not been changed. Many routers use an algorithm to create the router SSID and WiFi password, these algorithms are incorporated in to the apps which help it to find the key quickly. Although this flaw has been fixed in some router there are still millions or WiFi routers around the world which are vulnerable to these iphone WiFi password hacking apps. Attempting to brute force a WPA password could take thousands of years, these apps can do it in seconds and without any hacking knowledge or experience. Just tap a few buttons in the app and you will be presented with the password!

# 1 IWep Pro

iwep pro iphone wifi hacker appThe best one around. Just scan for wifi networks and it will show you the networks that the password can be found. It will try all the possible passwords until it finds the right one! You need to add this source code to Cydia first http://iwazowski.com/repo/ (Open Cydia > Manage > Sources > Edit > Add) You then need to search for iwep Pro and download and install it. You will also need to download the ‘dictionaries’ to make it work from cydia, just search for iwep pro again and you should see the dictionaries listed like ‘ Iwep Pro Dictionaries 2013′, ‘ Iwep Pro Dictionaries 2012′, just download all that are available. They add up to about 400MB so best you use a free wifi network at your local Starbucks! Cost – 5.50 Euros/Free (Cydia

#2 iSpeedTouched

ispeedtouchedSimliar to iwepPro above you need to tap each network to see if there is a password available (See picture) If there is just tap to connect to the network! You will also need to download the rainbow table which is about 100MB via the app, look for the ‘Tables’ button when the app is open. Cost – FREE (Cydia)

#3 WPA Tester by Paolo Arduin

WPA Tester iphone wifi hack appThis App is surprisingly available to download from the Apps Store!! It is also available from installous if it gets taken off the Apps Store. The really is one of the best Apps to Hack WiFi with for iphones. It can find the password to a huge number of routers in seconds. As you can download it from the Apps store it should work on unjailbroken iphones too. Requirements: 4.0 or later required. Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. iOS App Store £1.49

#4 Speedssid

ispeedssidAnother app from the creators of iwep pro, this app works slightly differently. You will need to type in the SSID (network name) of the network to find possible passwords. This can be useful as it can be used on networks out of range of the iphone such as a friend in another state/town or even country. Price – 5 Euros Cracked Version – FREE

#5 dlssid

D Link WiFi passwork hacker iphone appdlssid is an iphone hacker app for Dlink routers which are found in almost every country in the world. This one again is made by the creator of iwep pro. Instead of the network name you will need to enter the MAC address of the router which looks like 08:A7:9B:78:22:C9 To find the MAC address of the router you will need another free app like WiFiAnalyzer, StumblerPlus, Network Finder or WiFiForFum Cost – 5.50 Euros Cracked Version – FREE (Cydia)

#6 dessid: WiFi Decryptor

eircom iphone wifi password hack hacker appThis app will help you find the default WEP/WPA key to ‘Eircom’ routers which are found in Ireland. Once again you need to enter the network SSID Cost $2.25 Cost – FREE (Cydia)

#7 WLAN Audit

WLAN AuditWLAN is simliar to the apps above it can only find the key to WLAN, WiFi and YACOM routers which are found in Spain. Cost – FREE (Cydia)

#8 iWPA Finder

iwpaThis app finds the password to ‘Alice’ & ‘Fastweb’ routers which seem to be common in Italy & Mediterranean Europe. Again you need to enter the router’s SSID There are a few similar apps around available on Cydia which do the same job. Cost FREE (Cydia)

#9 Universal WPA Finder

Universal WPA password hacker appThis app is available from Installous and works with ‘Alice’ and ‘Fastweb’ routers which are found in Italy Cost – FREE (Cydia)